Our Galloways


Galloway Beef

Galloway Cows are a British Heritage Rare Breed and were first recorded by the Romans, being one of the oldest and purest of our native stocks. Their unique double coat and ability to thrive in the harshest of climates has enabled the breed to be farmed on all corners of the globe.

The breed produces a lean, but extremely tender and also very tasty meat. Due to the Galloway's slow maturity, the beef has time to naturally develop and enhances the meats signature juicy flavours.

Galloways at Netherstreet Farm

Our herd can be seen grazing along the iconic historical Roundway Hill, Wiltshire. Together with a local company, we ensure that our grazing plan provides our herd with quality fresh grass and also enhances the natural countryside. It is our passion to maintain a quality environment and landscape in keeping with the natural beauty of Roundway Hill, Wiltshire.

The local abattoir has been used by Netherstreet farm for generations. It is only minutes away from the farm meaning, shorter and less stressful journeys for our cattle. The associated butcher works with us to provide you with the finest cuts of beef, vacuum packed and frozen for your convenience!