Galloway Beef

Galloway Cows are a British heritage rare breed and were first recorded by the Romans, so are one of the oldest and purest of our native stocks. Their unique double coat and ability to thrive in the harshest climates have enabled the breed to be farmed on all corners of the globe.

The breed produces lean, but extremely tender and delicious meat.

Due to Galloway's slow maturity, the beef has time to naturally develop and enhance the meat's signature juicy flavors.

As we are a small family farm, all our meat is sold frozen, in vacuum packs.

Collection Service

Collection is available:

Monday to Friday

9.30 am – 2.30 pm

4.30 pm to 6.30 pm

(Saturday collection is available on request)

Please call 01380 859 478

or email

to arrange your collection

(at least an hour in advance)

About Us

Our Galloway cattle are born & bred on Netherstreet Farm, Bromham. During the summer months, our suckler herd grazes on and around Roundway Hill which is part of the Environmental Stewardship Scheme. Netherstreet Farm is comprised of 360 acres of grazing & hay fields.

We work closely with Black Sheep to ensure that our grazing plan enhances the natural countryside. It is our passion to maintain a quality environment and landscape in keeping with the natural beauty of Roundway Hill.

Gretchen and her family have been Crown tenants on Netherstreet Farm since 1890 & she runs the farm with the new Netherstreet Enterprises team Laura, Paula & James.

Fillet,  Sirloin,  Rump, 

Flat Iron & Rib Eye

From £4.30


From £4.50

Top Rump,  Topside,

Chuck Roast,

Silverside & Brisket

From £4.50


From £4.50